5 Reasons Why A Military Humvee Is A Great Option For Your Teen's First Car

12 May 2016
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Has your child recently gotten their driver's license? Do you want to surprise them with their very own used vehicle, but aren't sure what make or model would be a good fit? If so, check out the below 5 reasons why military Humvees make great cars for new teen drivers.

They're Unique

It wasn't until 2014 that the military started selling off their used Humvees, and at that time, the vehicles could not be legally driven on public streets because they didn't come with titles. Now, though, when you purchase a used military Humvee, it comes with a GSA SF97-1 form. Once you file this form, you'll be issued a title for your vehicle and, as long as the vehicle passes your state's emissions tests, you and/or your teen are free to drive the rig on the any roads you choose. The fact that these vehicles are so new to the road make them a unique choice that your teen will appreciate.

It should be noted that in-service military vehicles are exempt from smog tests and emissions requirements vary by state. This means that the Humvee you buy for your teen may need to visit a mechanic for some modifications before it's ready to hit the road.

They're Relatively Inexpensive

Un-armored military Humvees hit the auction block with starting bids as low as $10,000. While none were sold for this low amount, nobody paid more than $41,000, and at least one lucky bidder walked away with their new rig for $21,500. If this seems expensive to you, consider the starting price -- the military spent roughly $70,000 a piece on older Humvee models and newer models cost them $220,000 per unit. Few teens get the opportunity to drive a car originally valued in this price range.

They're Super Safe

The Army requires any new vehicles in their fleets to undergo some pretty strenuous durability testing before accepting them. On initial product tests, military Humvees exceeded the Army's durability requirements by nearly double. At 6 feet tall and 7 feet wide, the rigs are super stable, so you won't have to worry about your teen getting in a rollover accident on wet or slippery roads. 

The frames of military Humvees are made of heavy steel and the bodies are composed of aluminum that has been bonded with a special adhesive to make it stronger. Humvees were built to protect soldiers from weapons of war -- you won't find a safer vehicle for your kid to drive.

Their Speed Is Capped

Teens are more likely to speed when behind the wheel than adults are, and the urge to speed can be especially tempting when you're sitting in the first car you've ever owned. The fastest car on the market right now can drive roughly 200 miles per hour, and even average cars can reach speeds of about 120 miles per hour. If you suspect your teen will have a need for speed once they've got their own vehicle, then buying them a military Humvee is a great option; Humvees' speeds top out at 70 miles per hour. 

They Offer Great Parking Practice

As mentioned above, military Humvees are 7 feet wide, and they're also 15 feet long. Once your teen becomes familiar with and learns how to maneuver a vehicle of these dimensions, parking anything else will seem easy. Just be sure to take them out to practice parking in an abandoned parking lot with cones set up before giving them any real world experience.

If you're looking for a used vehicle for your new teen driver, consider going with a military Humvee. These rigs are unique, safe, durable, and their sheer size offers great practice for your teen's future cars. To find a military Humvee for your teen, visit car dealers in your area that specialize in military surplus vehicles or contact a company like HUMV4U.