What You Need To Start A Firewood Delivery Service

3 March 2017
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If you are are looking to start a firewood delivery service, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. You can make some nice side money delivering firewood to homeowners during the winter. There are even find year round opportunities to deliver to restaurants that have fireplaces for ambience or woodburning ovens (like you find in some up-scale pizzerias). However, in order to deliver the wood properly, you need a few things. So, here is a list of what you get.

A Sturdy Pickup Truck

You don't want to try and deliver firewood in the trunk of your car, there simply won't be enough room to make the trip efficient. You would end up going back and forth and spending a huge amount of money on gas. The best type of vehicle is a pickup truck. Something like a heavy duty Ram pickup truck is perfect. You should get the extended bed so that you can fit as much wood in the back as possible. Avoid the smaller style pickup trucks (such as some of the 4 cylinder models) that have low clearance and can't carry as much weight. The clearance is a big issue because you will be traveling all sorts of roads (including the road to the mill to get the logs) so you want a truck that is capable of driving over choppy ground. The reason you want a heavy duty truck like the Ram is that all of that wood in the bed will be a huge weight, so it's important that the truck an support it.

Side Rails For The Bed

You can speak with the dealer about installing side rails on the pickup truck bed, but you might have to get these installed by an aftermarket service. The reason you want to get rails installed is so that you can stack the wood high in the back. The rails will extend the height of the bed, so you can fill up more logs and not have to worry about the pieces falling out while you are driving on the highway.

Truck Bed Liner

Because you are going to be transporting rough logs in the bed of your truck, it's important to make sure the bed has some sort of protection. The logs might be covered in dirt or mud when you pick them up from the mill, and that mud will get on the steel bed of your truck. Over time, all of this moist debris will rust the truck. So, the best thing to do is get a truck bed liner installed. These are made of a plastic material which will not rust.

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