Don't Be Afraid To Make These Requests During Your Test Drive

21 March 2017
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When you're evaluating whether you wish to buy a new Nissan Altima, one of the best ways to make up your mind is to take a test drive. Whether you book this drive in advance or simply show up and ask to test out one of the dealership's vehicles, being behind the wheel will give you a clear indicator of whether this is the right car for you or whether you should continue your search. You'll customarily be accompanied by a salesperson during the test drive, and you shouldn't hesitate to make these requests to him or her.

You Need More Time

Sometimes, sales staff will ask that you keep your test drive to a certain length of time. For example, you may be asked to spend about 20 or so minutes behind the wheel of the vehicle. If your time is close to running out and you don't feel that you're comfortable with making a decision just yet, don't hesitate to tell the salesperson that you need more time. The salesperson could invite you to spend a little longer out on the road, or to return to the dealership another time to take a second test drive.

You Need To Drive In Silence

You may occasionally encounter a chatty salesperson who is eager to talk about the vehicle's features during your test drive. While learning more about the vehicle in question is always valuable, there may come a point at which you simply need quiet so that you can think about the vehicle, listen to how it runs, and focus on the task at hand. It's not rude to make this request — simply explain your position and ask the salesperson if he or she would be comfortable riding in silence for a short period of time.

You Need To Try A Different Model

You should never feel that, just because you've taken a test drive and occupied a salesperson's time, it's necessary to move forward with buying the vehicle. Perhaps you like some of the features but are unsure about others. There's no issue with asking to take a different model (or a different vehicle altogether) for a subsequent test drive. For example, if you like the current vehicle but find that it lacks acceleration to comfortably pass other motorists, you may opt for the same model but one that has a larger engine. This feature will give you the acceleration you desire, and you may wish to move forward with buying the Altima.