How To Get The Most For Your Used Car

6 June 2017
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Buying a new car is an exciting yet undeniably expensive event in anybody's life. To help keep the cost as low as possible, many people choose to sell their old car at the beginning of the process. If you would like to learn more about how to get the most for your trusty old vehicle, read on. This article will outline three key tips to keep in mind.

Provide key information in your online listing title.

If you've ever spent a few minutes perusing the used car section of online classifieds, then you surely realize the vast number of listings up at any given time. Thus nothing could be more important than finding a way to make your listing standout. Because a large majority of online listings are placed by dealers, you will find it helpful to identify yourself as a private owner. Do this in the listing title itself if you can, as it will help to  put potential buyers at ease.

Provide comprehensive service information.

As a responsible car owner, you have likely accumulated a large pile of service records since you first bought your car. Many sellers provide prospective buyers with a large stack of such documents to inspect. Yet a buyer will quickly be overwhelmed by such an overwhelming glut of information.

Instead, consider compiling that information into a single sheet outlining the pertinent information. This will make it easy for them to scan the service history and take in what repairs have been made--and when. Be sure to create columns for such information as:

  • date of the service
  • car's mileage at each date of service
  • specific repair made
  • any parts upgraded or replaced

This single sheet will function as the perfect "master list" for the stack of service receipts that will accompany it.

Don't neglect street level sales tactics.

While online selling and newspaper ads are a great way to increase your potential buyer base, be sure not to overlook one other key tactic: the car itself. A "for sale" sign will attract the interest of those who happen to walk past your car. Yet to really get the most from this approach, you'll want to be sure to include some more detailed information, beyond just the price itself. For instance, be sure to include:

  • the make, model, and year of the car
  • mileage
  • new, upgraded, or recently repaired features
  • other potential selling points
  • your contact information

Such information will provide a more thorough introduction to your car, thus helping to snare the attention of potential buyers.