Buying A New Ford Truck And Spouse Uses Forearm Crutches? 2 Tips To Choose The Right Truck

24 September 2018
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If you are buying a new Ford truck and your spouse has to use forearm crutches for a disability they have, there are many things you need to look for in a truck. To help you choose the right truck for you and your spouse, below are two of these things so that you can get started shopping.

1. Choose a Large Truck

To make it much easier for your spouse to get in and out of the truck purchase a larger one. For example, four door trucks will work much better than two door trucks. The larger trucks are also known as super duty trucks. When you think of a super duty truck you may think of a type of work truck. Instead, these trucks are like traditional trucks with the same accessories offered. Of course, you can purchase super duty trucks that are more like work trucks also.

Having four doors will help your spouse get into the front or the back of the truck. These trucks also have a roomier interior, so your spouse will have a place to put their crutches once inside the truck. It also allows them to stretch out their legs, if they are able to, to help your spouse be comfortable.

2. Choose Side Steps

Make sure the truck that you purchase has side steps installed on it. These generally do not come standard with new trucks so ask the salesperson about this. There are different types of side steps available on a truck.

One type of truck side step is running boards. This type of step is wide enough so that the foot fits well on the step. The step is also textured so the person stepping into the truck will not slip. This type of step is made of steel, molded ABS plastic, or aluminum. The step is permanently installed on the truck.

Another type of truck side step is nerf bars, which is made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. A rubber or molded plastic material coats the step to make it non-slip. This step is more rounded when compared to running boards, which gives them a different look.

No matter what type of side step you choose you can have a finish placed on it to match the color of your truck or the color of your choice. You can also choose not to have a finish placed on it. Talk with the Ford salesperson about new Ford cars for sale, and they can give you many more details.