5 Reasons To Choose A Used Bus For Your Nonprofit

9 December 2021
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Whether you are in charge of transportation for a church, after-school program, or retirement group, a passenger bus can make it much easier to go on field trips or bring members to your location. A used bus, purchased from a passenger bus dealer, can be the best option for your nonprofit.

1. Save Some Money

Used passenger buses will be much less expensive than newer buses, regardless of whether you are looking for a small 14 seater or a larger school bus vehicle. You should be able to find used buses at a variety of price points, so finding something to fit into a tight nonprofit budget should be much simpler. 

2. Increased Variety

It should be no surprise that new buses aren't manufactured annually in as great of numbers as passenger vehicles. If you would like a variety of choices when it comes to make, model, size, and basic design, then the used market is more likely to offer something that will fit your specific needs. A well-maintained bus can stay on the road with minimal problems for many years, so don't be put off by age alone when shopping for your bus.

3. Easier Financing

Many nonprofits operate on slim margins, which can make getting financing for an expensive new bus difficult or even impossible. Many dealers offer dealer financing plans for used buses, though, which can be much more forgiving when it comes to financing and approval odds. The lower price of a used bus will also help ensure that you are able to secure necessary financing if a cash purchase isn't possible.

4. Warranty Options

One concern with buying a used bus is what happens if it breaks down soon after purchase. The good news is that you can still get a warranty on a used bus, especially if you purchase it through a passenger bus dealer. Some dealers may include limited warranties with the purchase, but you should also have the option to purchase a more detailed warranty if you desire.

5. Customizable

An alternative to purchasing a used bus is to lease a bus, but you will be limited with what you can do with a leased vehicle. With a used vehicle that you own, you are free to customize it as necessary. This means you can paint the bus with your nonprofit logo, remove seats if needed, add luggage racks, or put in accessibility lifts.

Contact a used passenger bus dealer to see what they have available that can fit your needs.