3 Tips For Planning To Lease A Car

18 June 2019
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You might have decided that you are interested in leasing a car instead of buying one. If so, you may want to know these things when you are planning to get a car. This can help you while you're preparing to lease a car. Then, you can help make sure that your leasing process goes well and that you are happy with your lease. 1. Consider Leasing a More High-End Car Read More 

Buying A Motorhome? What To Look For

11 May 2019
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You want to buy a new motorhome, but you aren't sure what to expect in your final purchase. After all, each motorhome has its own features and benefits. You have a big budget to spend and want a Class A recreational vehicle, so how do you narrow down your options? Here is a guide to help you select a motorhome for your own personal use. Your auto dealer will give you advice for selecting a model that is right for your needs and budget. Read More 

4 Ways To Save Money While Keeping Your Vehicle In Top Condition

23 February 2019
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Whether you own a family-friendly sedan or a sporty coupe, routine vehicle maintenance is a must, as regular service keeps cars and trucks running smoothly and helps you spot minor problems before they leave you stranded. If you plan to get routine maintenance done at a local auto dealership, here are four ways to save money without skimping on your ongoing maintenance needs. 1. Check your owner's manual. Your owner's manual contains a list of services that should be performed at specific mileage intervals. Read More 

Important Tips For Selecting The Right Mobility Van

11 December 2018
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If you or a family member have to use a wheelchair, it doesn't mean that you have to be stuck at home and unable to ride in or drive an automobile. Today's mobility vans have a number of different features that makes them very accessible for anyone in a wheelchair, and many of these vans are outfitted with controls that allow a person in a wheelchair to be able to safely operate the van. Read More 

Buying A New Ford Truck And Spouse Uses Forearm Crutches? 2 Tips To Choose The Right Truck

24 September 2018
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If you are buying a new Ford truck and your spouse has to use forearm crutches for a disability they have, there are many things you need to look for in a truck. To help you choose the right truck for you and your spouse, below are two of these things so that you can get started shopping. 1. Choose a Large Truck To make it much easier for your spouse to get in and out of the truck purchase a larger one. Read More