Jeep Vehicles: Known For Rugged Characteristics And Luxurious Features

7 February 2018
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A person who has never learned much about Jeep vehicles may still only think of automobiles that look like they're better suited to driving off-road in mountain country than cruising along city highways. That military-style equipment was known as "jeep" long before the manufacturer was permitted to trademark the name in 1953. 

The Variety Offered by Jeep

Jeep is the oldest off-road vehicle brand and is still known for rugged vehicles suitable as workhorses and for all-terrain driving. Today, however, many of its products are high-end and have an air of luxury. Along with its recognizable equipment for rambling up steep hillsides and through backwoods country, Jeep manufactures big, roomy sport utility vehicles and crossovers. These models offer comfy seating, full climate control and an abundance of power features.

The Grand Cherokee and Wrangler Models

The award-winning Jeep Grand Cherokee, for instance, is recognized as a high-performance luxury SUV. Depending on the option package, a buyer can have heated front and second-row seats, a heated steering wheel, an entertainment system, deluxe storage, a power lift gate, and much more.

In wealthy communities, Jeep effectively competes with other luxury car brands. Although the Grand Cherokee isn't one of the most expensive vehicles on the market, it has the distinction of being one of the most popular in some very wealthy U.S. areas.

Interestingly, another Jeep model, the Wrangler, was found to be the most popular vehicle in Greenwich, Conn., in a 2012 report. That's one of the highest-income areas in the nation. The iconic Wrangler is the vehicle that emulates the earliest Jeep off-road products. It continues to be a favorite among U.S. residents throughout the country.

Other Models

What other kinds of vehicles can consumers buy with the Jeep brand name? The manufacturer's official website shows the most affordable new Jeeps for sale being the Renegade and the Compass, both of which are compact SUVs. They are good choices for people who don't need the extra room provided in the bigger models, and they still have noteworthy off-road capabilities. 

Jeep and Weather

Jeep models tend to be especially well-liked in areas of the country that get a fair amount of snow. People appreciate the all-wheel drive and the unusually high fuel economy for the size and engine power. But nobody has to live up north to love Jeep. With air conditioning, ventilated seats and sunroofs, various models offer advantages for any type of climate.